Friday, November 30, 2007

Open Your Own Door, Mister

So I've checked into an otherwise very nice, well-situated hotel here in Tokyo, for a wedding weekend...

Note to self: Next time, do not wear outfits that will have me mistaken as hotel doorman/staff! Doh.

Here's the outfit that I've packed:

Which will have me identified around the hotel as:

Maybe they'll let me drive away the Rolls if I act the part.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sunday! Sunday! Sundaaay!!

Lucy and I headed on up to Sears Point (or Infineon. Monster. AT&T. Whatever.) Raceway for a darned fine morning at the Audi Driving Experience event. Tremendous amounts of fun all for free, and we were back in time to pick up the kid at school, wearing big grins.

The race instructors had us hustling the big A8 around like Ronin...

... and took us out for couple of laps behind the wheels of a new S5. Woo-hoo!

Lucy started to film my track laps, but stopped when she got nauseous. Clearly, the Audi Driving Experience is not so good as a passenger.

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