Friday, January 16, 2004

Lychee Martini How-To

You'll need:

* Canned Lychees (Asian Taste seems to yield nice whole ones, but any brand will do. Obtain at Ranch 99, Chinatown, etc.) Each can yields maybe 6-8 drinks. You'll find peple eat them outright, though, so buy more cans than you think you need.
* Vodka
* Ice
* Cocktail Shaker
* Toothpicks for the lychees

Separate Lychee fruit from the juice. Place ice in cocktail shaker. Follow with Vodka:Juice portions of 1:1 (sweet) or 2:1 (dry) or 3:1 (really stiff). Shake. Serve with couple of toothpick'ed fruit. Instantly please crowd.


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