Friday, January 02, 2004

East 14th St.

All these years of living in Oakland, and I'm just now discovering the taco trucks in / around Fruitvale. I don't care what they call it now, but it's always going to be East 14th St. to me. Here's a great site with a full directory, and another fun write-up here.

I'm partial to the tripe tacos and the cheviche at Sinaloa. Good menudo from the permanent restaurant next door, too. East 14th St. @ 22nd Ave. Map

Another seafood favorite is Mariscos La Costa, also on East 14th past Fruitvale Ave. 3625 East 14th St. Map

For sit-down (read: indoor) meals, we've gone to Tijuana Restaurant a few times to order whole fried fish, served family style. Sunday dinners are full of happy families here. 1308 East 14th St. Map


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