Friday, January 02, 2004

Good eats: Oakland Chinatown favorites

Gum Kuo is a great spot for jook, "wet t-shirts," claypot rice, and pig's tongue. On ground level of Pacific Renaissance Plaza. Map

Shang Dong is the favorite for hand-cut noodles and dumplings. 328 - 10th St. @ Webster. Map

Shanghai Wang is great for little dragon and pan fried dumplings. 1437 Franklin St. Map

Dim Sum at Legendary Palace seems to be the "it" choice these days. I'm not too crazy about Peony, and definitely not about Jade Villa. 708 Franklin @ 7th St. Map

I usually get the wonton noodles at Vien Huong, underneath the aforementioned Legendary Palace. We call the place "Techno Noodles" because they often play up-tempo dance tunes on the radio, that lends it an oddly authentic Vietnam-like atmosphere. We also think it gets people to eat faster and generate turnover. 712 Franklin @ 7th St. Map

Get the braised duck noodle soup at Vi's. Enough said. 724 Webster @ 7th St. Map

They call themselves D&A cafe but we call it "The discount Chinese food place." Home of the elusive $5 dinner. Very tasty and open late, and it's one of those places where the action comes to a grinding halt when the Chinese soap opera comes on TV. Corner of Webster & 7th St. Map

Finish off with dessert from Ming Yuen Island Cafe (entrance is on Webster St.) Mango tapioca was great while in season, and they also serve lychee ice cream from Marco Polo Ice Cream that just rocks. Corner of Webster & 9th St. Map


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