Thursday, February 08, 2007

The World's Fastest Super Cub

Yup, the above link goes to a Japanese-language article that requires registration. It's a very cool interview with Honda alums on how the movie "World's Fastest Indian" reminds them of Soichiro Honda.
試作車の試走だけではお父さんは済まさないですから。実際に量産が始まったら、今度は工場に来て、また「乗せろ!」と言うわけです。当然、「何だこの車は! 責任者は誰だ!」という騒ぎが起きる(笑)。何で研究所が作った車とこんなに違うんだ、と。

He wouldn't stop at the preproduction test-drive. Once the production line was rolling, he'd show up at the plant and insist on riding the cars. And of course end up yelling "What's the hell is this? Who's responsible for this car?! Why is it so different from the prototype?"



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