Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Frickin' laser beams

Yesterday I went and got me one of them LASIK eye surgery jobs.

Seems to be working out well so far -- I'm back in front of computer after resting all yesterday -- and I'm looking forward to being able to buy a bunch of cheap sunglasses.

Some early observations:

* Mmm. Vicodin. makes you feel moderately groovy.
* Tons of equipment automation. Reminds me of how they had patients on conveyor belts receiving old-school radial keratotomy in the Soviet Union. (RK cheaper than providing eyeglasses to Soviet citizens.)
* The LASIK machine sounds like the ray guns that the Terminator-bots fire in the opening credits. ("Bzzzzzt!")
* You can smell lots of ozone during the procedure. I don't care what it comes from, but it sure smells like burnt hair and that was pretty gnarly, because you're thinking like "hey, that's what burning cornea smells like."
* I'm not fully convinced if the kids still recognize me.



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