Monday, July 24, 2006

I want to shoot the whole day down

Craziest Monday ever. And a blog entry from the hospital bed!

Exec Summary
I'm alive and well enough to send email and post on this site. :-)

6 months ago I was diagnosed with a high cholesterol level. (277 mg/dl, the Heart Association says to keep it below 200. I think it's just aging, Lucy thinks it's the all-you-care-to-eat meats in the Google Cafe.) I had a re-test this past Friday, and am awaiting test results.

I did lose 9 lbs and significantly reduce blood pressure in the interim. Not bad, right?

This morning
* Driving to work this AM I got hit by chest pains. First thought it was a stomach ache, then it gets bad enough for me to pull off the freeway.
* The Prius has a navigation system, so I try the "emergency" feature. The car directs me to a facility in Newark, which turns out to be a holistic healing center.
* The next option is the Washington Hospital in Fremont. I walk into the ER and am admitted. Staying overnight for observation.
* Have done 2 EKG tests, chest x-ray, and waiting blood test results. I have an IV plug in my hand, but there's nothing hooked up to it.
* They also want to do treadmill stress tests tomorrow AM. They want to make sure it wasn't a heart attack, basically. Something about "early (de-)polarization" on the EKG readings.

* Current readings: Blood pressue 117/76, 84 BPM

So everything is fine so far; sorry if I freaked anyone out. They have a "no cell phones, interferes with equipment" rule here, but don't seem to mind me using this PC with a wireless card. Go figure.

I'm going to get some rest. Hope to be back soon!


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