Saturday, March 25, 2006

Worst. Airport. Ever.

Just came through Dulles IAD. That airport sank right to the very bottom as my worst airport ever. Here's what happens to you:

1) UA 824 from Sao Paolo arrives 30 minutes early, at 6:30am. Terminal D. Woo-hoo!
2) You get on an obsolete "moon buggy" to Immigration and Customs in Terminal C. Boo!
3) Only 2 people are working. To handle 2-3 big planeloads.
4) More Immigration officers trickle in at 7am.
5) Clear immigration at 7:45am.
6) You get dumped outside of the sterile area. So...
7) Clear TSA security. "We remember 2001" posters everywhere.
8) Ride moon buggy again, back out to Terminal D.
9) Barely make it on to an 8:30am flight. Wonder what decade you just visited.


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