Thursday, September 30, 2004

The price is not for negotiate

Just what is it with all the scammers on Craigslist? Just about every other ad I see for a vehicle is an escrow scam.

The original ad looks legit, but then you get this in broken English...
-----Original Message-----

I have for sale the 2004 SUZUKI BERGMAN 400 SCOOTER, at $3000 USD, the price is not for negotiate, the bike is like new, has only 200 miles, in perfect
condition, no scratches, no damage, never been involved in accidents or required
major repairs, has stand in garage all the time, the tires and the brakes are in
good condition.I`m the only owner and i have the clean title in my hands

I live in 24 Texas Parkway,Missouri City, Texas 77489 i `m
posting here because I din `t find a buyer, we will use something like COD. I
offer to pay for the transport to your home and to give 7 days inspection
..... i will wait for your responsethanks

And then, followed by...


Now i`m at my work and i don`t have access to a external phone ,
only to the internet . but i will try to call you after work ....
I have talked with all my friends and they have told me to use an escrow company with shipping for this deal, they have recommended me ..... is very reliable and is very easy (i will pay for the fees) ...... please register on the there and then contact me ...... so we can proceed the transaction .... I will ship the product with this company ...You will have 7 days in what you can look at it ...... days in what the escrow service will not pay me ...they will wait for you to confirm them that everything is ok ...if you
will not like it will get all your money back...If you will think
something doesn't work good,like i have told or,you will be able to return it
back without paying any taxes ...and you will get all your money back ...I know
that we won't go so forward because the conditions is very good. After
everything will be ok ..... and you have verified it and you will confirm them
that everything is ok ...... i will be paid ......

Let me know if
we have an deal ........

Best regards


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